His name is considering into Korean manufacturing loans and also in the English words getting Change the Business

His name is considering into Korean manufacturing loans and also in the English words getting Change the Business

Within the Passing Notice: The fresh new Music, Matsuda try a person in work Push, even in the event he or she is maybe not named throughout the production.

Pursuing the fatalities of one’s FBI representatives, the work Force is provided with the choice whether or not to stay on possible. Matsuda decides to remain, however, he says he thinks this is his past case. Whenever Ide expresses their need to log off, Matsuda informs him commit.


Obata discussed Matsuda as the „tough to anticipate which means that difficult to mark.” Obata said that Matsuda’s reputation build contained a keen „average more youthful detective” and this Matsuda’s character had „little book in the their possess along with his methods weren’t consistent, therefore i failed to eg him. [laughs]” Obata additional which he is actually a great „Matsuda-type” person hence didn’t including enjoying „my very own inconsistency” within the Matsuda. Obata demonstrated Matsuda since the just profile whom „seems more youthful” within the Close and you will Mello arc.


testing to another activity push professionals-leaving out his father Soichiro Yagami. In the very beginning of the series, Matsuda understood very little away from Light and, even when he previously satisfied all of brand new Yagami pupils when you look at the the past, he merely know your because the Head Soichiro Yagami’s son. He will get nearer to White whenever White joins work push, actually nevertheless assuming your whenever anybody else start to think your out-of getting Kira. His feelings around Light is lively when it comes to things connected with females (Misa Amane or Kiyomi Takada). not, at the meeting with Near on facility, whenever Light in the end admits so you’re able to getting Kira, Matsuda propels him from time to time together with his firearm. Basically this might be to prevent White from destroying someone which have some the brand new Death Mention, however it is including from frustration from the method for the and this Light’s measures caused the loss of his or her own father, just who Matsuda known and you will searched doing.

Soichiro Yagami is visible because of the Matsuda since the a global an excellent father contour otherwise advisor and you can Matsuda seem to concerns your for recommendations or consults your into their second thoughts. Matsuda 's the activity force user exactly who reveals the principle brand new really empathy while in the their volunteer imprisonment and you will edges having your when it split up of L throughout the research to your the newest Yotsuba Class. At the end of new show, Matsuda is very frustrated one Light Yagami observes their late father since the simply a charity having their new world purchase.

Ryuzaki viewpoints Matsuda due to the fact a reckless, dimwitted idiot who impedes this new Kira studies and provide him nothing borrowing, regardless of if Matsuda really does work well having Light inside discovering that certain recent Kira killings are linked to the appeal of your own Yotsuba Group conglomerate. During Misa’s „lamest day actually ever,” Matsuda holiday breaks upwards a combat ranging from L and you may White http://www.datingranking.net/sugar-daddies-uk/oxford by the advising her or him that Misa’s latest surge in popularity may get the girl good part during the a primary motion picture, that L comments, „Matsuda’s acting stupid once more.” L actually taunts Matsuda whenever Misa shows how she got Kyosuke Higuchi so you’re able to accept so you can as being the Yotsuba Kira, calling it a „triumph” compared to Matsuda’s bungled infiltration of the Yotsuba Class Hq, even when his steps narrowed what number of suspects down to seven, several which included Higuchi.

Shuichi Aizawa’s personality is especially researching to that of Matsuda’s, will resulting in funny upsets where Aizawa yells in the your to possess „maybe not providing their job definitely,” and Matsuda apologizes. When L announces that the Kira Data Class was transferring to a separate, long lasting Hq, Aizawa announces their commitment to recapture Kira, naming these expose: L, White and you will Soichiro Yagami, but Matsuda notes which he cannot speak about him by name. [9] Despite Aizawa’s constant problem, Matsuda seems to lookup to your since the a superior and think him a buddy.

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